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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  November 22, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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with an outlet to freeman for the dunk. charleston, george myspace mas on leads wofford by two. this game goes to overtime. george mason falls to wofford 82-79 in ot. stay with us. we have plenty straight ahead. fox amorning news at 5:00 begins now. we get a live look outside. it will be slow going for many of you this morning because the fog is pretty thick out there. we'll talk to tony about that in just a second. thank you for being here. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. a lost times you don't see the fog in the city itself but we've got it this morning. >> we sure do. it is quite thick in places. we have a dense fog advisory in effect until 11:00. we'll show you the counties included under the dense fog
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advisory. it does include washington, d.c. all the close-in counties, fairfax county, montgomery county, prince george's county. all the counties you see in gray there. farther out to the east, fog advisory into effect until 9:00 a.m. here, it is 11:00 a.m. visibility will be reduced to 1/4 mile in places. we've seen reports of visibility reduced down to a half mile. in addition to that, you will probably use the windshield wipers as you will encounter a little bit of drizzle here and there. a fair amount of cloud cover out there. today will be an interesting day of transition. this morning certainly starts off dreary with fog, some clouds, some drizzle but as the day progresses, we'll see improving conditions and by the end of the day, skies will be partly to mostly sunny and temperatures quite mild. we have the fog and current
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temperatures are mild. 50degrees at reagan national. 47 at dulles. 48 at bwi marshall. the forecast for today, morning fog, some drizzle. we'll give way to partly to mostly sunny skies late in the day. s highs today well into the mid- 60s. more on that in just a little bit. >> let's check in with julie and get a look at traffic. >> happy monday. short workweek for a lost folks. northbound 395 as you work your way north of the beltway headed past seminary road, this is the fog we are talking about that we're dealing with. -- short workweek for a lot of folks. no incidents to reported, just volume starting to increase south on 270 headed out towards clarksburg. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-time traffic. the jurors in the chandra levy murder trial start their fourth day of deliberations today. the jury of nine women and three men have already spent a total of 15 hours trying to agree on a verdict. they sent a note to the judge asking about the legal definition of assault. the charges against the prime suspect ingmar guandique is first degree murder but the jury has to find he is guilty of assault for the murder charge to stick. the mist rafe body found in a box on the side of a highway may be solved now as police arrested 34-year-old marvin palencia in connection with the murder. the body of jacobo vazquez was found stuffed into a box in maryland. he was shot to death. palencia now charged with first degree murder while armed. a man is behind bars accused of stabbing an off-duty prince george's police officer in the stomach. police say the officer was working a security detail at a restaurant early saturday when a scuffle broke out between two
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patrons. the officer tried to get one. the patrons to leave and when he tried to arrest him, police say he pulled out a knife and stabbed the officer in the stomach. that officer is recovering this morning. two separate stabbings in manassas involving two teenaged victims and now investigators think that both of these crimes may be connected and possibly linked to gangs. saturday night, a 19-year-old was stabbed and beaten in the 9600 block of grant avenue in manassas. this incident comes just one day after a 15-year-old was stabbed to death near brent and barto streets. miguel hernandez died. two teens were arrested saturday in connection with his death. police are still looking for the person responsible for that second attack. there was a bizarre accident in germantown. >> a motorcyclist was ride ago long great seneca highway yesterday afternoon when the person lost control and threw off the bite. two cars hit the bike but nobody in the cars was hurt. the motorcyclist was killed. flying out of town this holiday weekend for
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thanksgiving, be prepared to go through some tight security checks at the airports. screening method still drawing criticism from passengers and a few high-ranking officials. sarah simmons has more. >> reporter: we've seen people go through the airports this weekend that are traveling for the thanksgiving holiday and as we head closer, we are just going to see air travel build. but as you mentioned, this is going to be the first time maybe for some folks that are flying that are really going to get that first dose of the tsa screening procedures. the option of the full body scan that people have been talking about, very controversial but the tsa says if you opt out of that, you will be subjected to a very intense patdown. now, some travelers say that they might not necessarily say it is very intrusive but they have an issue with that they're not quite sure what is going on. they are not being told what is going on. others really do have quite a problem with it.
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now, the transportation security administration john pistole says he knows some passengers are uncomfortable but at this point, they have no plan to change the screening procedures. >> they had me hold my hands over my head for a little while and to step forward. i didn't realize they were going to do something else. they said you need to hold your hands up because we're going to pat you down and then she started to pat me down. >> you know, go through the machine, get scanned and go on your way. it is ridiculous. people making such a big deal out of this. >> reporter: the tsa has said they will try to make sure these procedures are minimally invasive as possible. although there are still some critics in congress who say that this is really an inefficient way to go. they are pushing for more behavioral observations, also looking more closely at scanning some of the documents. but the president has come out and said that the tsa tells him that these techniques are really the only ones that are going to prevent another
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christmas day bomber attempt like we had last year. live at reagan national, sarah simmons. back to you. the redskins show some character after the monday night massacre to the eagles playing what could be their best all an around game of the year against the titans. burgundy and gold looked good on both sides of the ball despite a slew of injuries. we're not through talking about the redskins yet. in about 45 minutes, dave ross will be here to break down the big win in our monday morning quarterback segment. it was a frightening ride on a plane that was packed. why that plane headed overseas had to return to new york for an emergency landing. dozens of miners trapped below ground since friday and now rescuers have made a discouraging admission. we'll have more details coming up.
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focused. dt a small plane crashed into california killing three men on board. firefighters found that plane upside down in shallow water of a bay in southern california. the plane had taken off from somewhere in mexico headed to
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torrance, california. in new york, a delta airlines plane had to make an emergency landing after an engine failed. the boeing 767 with 200 people on board had just taken off from jfk airport headed to moscow. more than 100 firefighters were standing by as the plane returned to the airport. it landed safely and everybody on board is okay. some grim news for the families of the trapped miners in new zealand. police and rescue crews admitted for the first time that the 29 miners may not have survived the blasted. toxic gas has prevented rescuers from entering the mine and there has been no contact with the men. in shine a 29 miners have been freed after being trapped for nearly a day in a flooded cold mine. in this case, everybody did make it out okay but china's mines are said to be along the deadliest in the world. 2600 people were killed in coal mine accidents last year alone.
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for the first time being liquor stores -- for the first time, liquor stores in montgomery county are open on sunday. what kind of reaction is that getting? we'll have that just ahead. coming up in just a few moments, we'll let you know about today's weather forecast. there is fog out there. a dense fog advisory in effect. julie wright is here. she will tell us how the drive into work will go. it will go slower than normal. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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welcome back. there you go that. picture really tells the story out there. it is very foggy especially to the west. just be careful, give yourself some extra time this morning. if you are up last night watching this, it was a big night no teen sensation justin bieber at the american music awards. he scored the night's top honor, artist of the year.
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he also picked up three other awards. eminem and usher took home two awards. the black-eyed peas and taylor swift also won. and brad paisley was voted favorite male country artist. the new kids on the block took the stage with the backstreet boys playing a medley of their hits. i heard you chatting with tucker. why do you hate justin bieber. >> i don't hate him at all. >> you said i hate him. >> no, i didn't. please don't put words in my mouth and i was laughing. i know the girl are not going to have a justin bieber album. my sister and everybody who has children tells me, you think you can control what they are going to do. >> he is inoffensive. >> bit time they're old enough,
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he will be 30. >> he will be with the new kids on the block and the backstreet boys tour. we have a live shot out there. we have a dense fog advisory in effect until 11:00 for most of our viewers. that dense fog advisory means that visibility could be reduced to a quarter mile or less across our region. now, all of these counties including washington, d.c., prince george's county, montgomery county, fairfax county, all of these counties, fog advisory into effect until 11:00 a.m. this is in effect until 9:00 a.m. this morning. so it will be slow to burn off. it will slow your commute down this morning. you want to be ware of that. in addition, we have some drizzle here and there. as you get the kids ready for school, here is your bus stop forecast. plenty of fog. cool temperatures in the -- i would say cool to mild. temperatures in the upper 40s in parts of the area, low 50s elsewhere. sunrise this morning, 6:58. don't think you will see much of that.
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take a look at the current temperatures around the region. here in the district, we are at 50 degrees. come on, computer, do it, do it! 48 in annapolis. winchester, virginia, 39 degrees. we do have some cloud cover in over us this morning. we do have some gaps in that cloud cover off to the south and west and that is a good indication that today is going to be a mixed bag. early, more clouds, the fog, the drizzle, that type stuff. by later on today, we'll have partly sunny skies. for today, the forecast looks like this. partly sunny, mild this afternoon. 64degrees for your high. that is nine degrees above normal. five-day forecast, tucker and i
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were telling you last week that we would have a 10-day period of temperatures going up and down. 64 today. tomorrow, 68. very nice temperature but some scattered showers in the latter part of the day. wednesday, temperatures drop off to near where they should be, mid-50s, mostly sunny. thursday, thanksgiving, 54, chance some of showers in the latter part of the day. highs only in the 40s on friday. big difference in your high temperature. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> i was just saying that. why can't we get the 68 degrees on friday morning. ill abe standing out at the target freezing. >> you will need a jacket. >> and then some. fog is what we're dealing with. checking for an accident kenilworth avenue southbound at eastern. outer loop of the beltway dealing with foggy conditions and light drizzle.
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so far, no incidents to report leaving colesville road headed towards bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. sunday marked the first for one local county with hard liquor sales on sunday. montgomery county started an experiment to see how well the hard liquor who sell. we have a report. >> reporter: it is a new day at montgomery county liquor stores. traditionally, they've been shuttered closed on sunday but for a trial six-month period, they will now be allowed to open. >> i think it is great. i think it is great. i wish we had that in virginia. >> reporter: sunday is said to be second busiest retail shopping day after saturday. so now, montgomery county liquor stores are open after the county executive signed an executive order. it is supposed to be for consumer convenience making alcohol shopping customer friendly. is it in. >> yes, i've got people coming over to my house on sunday and i may have run out of
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something. >> i think it is a good thing. you know, i come from a place where you -- in arkansas where you would never dream that you would be able to buy anything beer, wine, anything that has alcohol on a sunday. >> reporter: some county councilmember are estimating the extra sales will pull into up to $2 million a year in revenue. apparently, some customers get that. >> i know there are budget short falls and whatever works for the county, i don't think it will hurt anybody. >> i came here specifically to support them on sunday because i understand this is a test run. i bought a little bit more than i usually would. >> reporter: but at-large come george leventhal tells fox 5 by phone is a skeptic. he says i don't think it will bring in a lot of revenue. he says beer and wine are already available in the county. if they are buying it on
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sunday, they are not buying it on wednesday or thursday. the county is keeping a close eye on the impact including revenue, customer satisfaction and community response. i'm karen gray houston in the fox 5 newsroom. >> thank you. it was a huge night for music fans in the district. we are not talking about the american music awards. coming up next, the fifth annual go go awards. >> we'll talk with the godfather of go go, chuck brown.
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we told but last night's american music awards. it was a big night in the city at the historic lincoln theater on u street, the annual go go music wards. >> there was a time when go go music was little known outside the d.c. area. all of that changed. last night, the city celebrated the firveght annual go go music awards in style -- the fifth annual go go music awards in style. >> roz plater was there and brings us more. >> reporter: the sound of go go at the historic lincoln theater. celebrating the music native to d.c. ache form that got its start back in the '70s. d.c.'s own chuck brown is the genre's godfather. you are so busy and in demand
5:26 am
all over the place, if you think go go is finally getting its due right now. >> i do. it has been a long time. one thing i like about it, it has staying power. it has been out play long time, you know, and is it days and it gets better as time goes on. >> reporter: another of the pioneering go go bands is getting inducted into the hall of fame, sugar bear and eu. >> you appreciate it for longevity. >> how long you been around? >> forever. about three decades. >> reporter: out on the red carpet, there were paparazzi everywhere. it is where we caught up with some of the next generation of go go bands like beladonna who told us it was not tough to crack a mostly male music field. >> it wasn't very tough for us. everybody is talented. everybody is beautiful and we work together. we are just going to have fun. >> reporter: something new this
5:27 am
year, gospel go go groups. >> it is about 30 gospel go go bands so it's pleasure to be on this go go awards. this is the first year they've added gospel to it. >> there are dozens of up and coming groups represented here. a new way the music godfather says is keeping it going in grand style. >> the young bands are coming along and taking to another level. >> chuck brown inducted into the hall of fame two years ago. he still packs them in across the city and elsewhere. controversy swirls at the airport ahid of the busiest travel day of the year. sarah simmons is following that story for us on this monday. good morning. air travelers are gearing up for the thanksgiving holiday season but some are not too happy with the tsa screening procedures. i'll explain what you can expect on your travels this thanksgiving holiday when we return.
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ananiges got
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there is the big story of the morning, the fog out there. it is pretty heavy in some spots. it is monday morning, november 22nd. glad you're with us this morning. >> a little tough coming in from the west. >> sure. i think it will be through the course of the morning. before a dense fog advisory in effect for most of us until 11:00 this morning. that is a pretty good indication there. let me show you the satellite- radar composite for the region. we do have a little bit of drizzle. you will have to use your
5:31 am
windshield wipers. it is misty, a little bit of drizzle here and there. that is it. no significant rainfall this morning nor do we expect any during the day today. you see some of the clouds and you see the precipitation well off to the west. here is a look at the current temperatures around the region. 50degrees in the nation's capital. 47 at dulles. 53 in ocean city. 48 up in baltimore. your forecast for today, the dense fog advisory in effect. morning fog, a little bit of drizzle and mist, becoming partly sunny and mild though. high today about 64 degrees. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's check in with julie and get a look at what is happening out on the roads. >> what we can see, which isn't a lot because of that fog, we're telling you the lanes are open in you are traveling south on 59 and 295 coming in out of laurel. northbound is where we had the crash before eastern in the late lane. no incidents to report as you
5:32 am
travel out of rockville headed for the split. lanes are open top stretch of the beltway between bethesda and college park. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. if you are flying for the thanksgiving holiday, here is one question that you may have to answer when faced with airport security, body scan or hands-on patdown. some passengers are not pleased with the options while others say it is all in the name of protecting your safety. sarah simmons is joining us live. she is at reagan national with more on this. >> reporter: good morning. it will be interesting to see as we get closer to thanksgiving what this will do to the screening procedures, the backups, the lines. as we get closer and closer, more and more people are going to be going through this and maybe even getting the first taste of the tsa screening procedures this year. you have a choice. a controversial body scan, the full body scan that we have talked about or if they opt out of that, they are going to have to go through a more intense
5:33 am
patdown. some travelers say that this really isn't that intrusive. they want to know what is going on. others say they are not happy with this at all. the transportation security administration chief john pistole says he knows some passengers are uncomfortable with this but they have no plans to change the policy. some in congress say they say this is an inefficient way to scan people. they want more scanning of the documents people need to get on plans. they want them to look at other body scanning equipment that wouldn't reveal so much. >> a box will instead of all this personal intrusion and we can do a better job than this and protect people without destroying the values that we are trying to protect. >> i think everyone including our security experts are looking for ways to diminish the impact on the traveling public.
5:34 am
but let's not kid ourselves, the terrorists are adaptable. >> reporter: and president obama is standing behind the tsa. he says they are telling him these techniques are the only ones that will prevent another christmas day bomber luke -- like we had last year. >> thank you. in the chandra levy trial, the jury returns to deliberations today, today the fourth day of deliberations. before breaking for the weekend on friday, the jury did ask a question of the judge, to clarify the definition of assault. before the suspect ingmar guandique can be found guilty of first degree murder, the jury would have to decide if levy was assaulted. the mystery of a body found in a box on at side of a highway may be involved now. police arrested marvin palencia in connection with the murder. last week, the body of jacobo vazquez was found stuffed in a box along i-70 in maryland. he had been shot to death. he was reported missing just
5:35 am
days before. a man is behind bars accused of stabbing an off-duty prince george's county police officer in the stomach. police say that officer was working a security detail at a restaurant on university boulevard early saturday when a scuffle broke out between two patrons. officer apparently tried to get one of those patrons to leave. when he tried to arrest him, police say the man pulled out awe knife and stabbed the officer in the stomach. that officer is recovering this morning. police are investigating an accident on germantown. a motorcyclist lost control and flew off the bike. the bike then rocketed through the intersection. two cars hit it but no one in those cars was hurt. the motorcyclist was killed. the redskins showed serious character yesterday against tennessee. tennessee scored first. 87yards for a touchdown. that would be it. the redskins who respond
5:36 am
despite injury after injury throughout the game. donovan mcnabb through for 376 yards, had a td pass to santana moss. graham gano won the game in overtime. >> i know what type of guys we do have. it is a tough week. thank god it was a short week. but i knew they would come out and play extremely hard. you are always hoping with injuries you are still able to find a way to win. that is why i was proud of them. >> for the team to rally behind each other, knowing what happened on monday night and the way we played, for us to come out into a game like this where we knew it would be a battle and for us to pull it out together, it wasn't just one unit here or this guy here. i thought together we were able to pull it out. >> make sure you keep it here on fox 5 for all your highlights and dave ross will join us in a couple of minutes to break it down in our monday morning quarterback. more bad news for the often troubled actress, lindsay lohan.
5:37 am
we'll tell you why she was just jumped from her latest project. could camilla parker bowles one day be queen of england? new word from prince charles.
5:38 am
d fphgege
5:39 am
making headlines this morning, d.c.'s former archbishop donald wuerl now officially a cardinal. there he is among the newest cardinals of the catholic
5:40 am
church celebrating mass with the pope. cardinal wuerl is one of two americans elevated this weekend and the only one actively serving the head of an american diocese. there is a call by admiral mike mullen to support don't ask, don't tell. he is backing a vote in the lame duck session of congress. a report on the policy from the defense department is now due to be released on november 30th. lindsay lohan is creating a buzz in hollywood. the starlet was just booted from the unfernow. she was to play linda lovelace. according for the film appearing director, lindsay lohan is just too difficult to insure. could camilla one day be queen of england? prince charles says maybe. the agreement that is she would be called the print sos consort for charles becomes king. charles now says she could get
5:41 am
the bigger title of queen. it is the latest in the discussion over whether prince charles should take the flown or step aside and let prince william have the job. -- take the throne or step aside and let prince william have the job. more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack.
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boy, is it foggy out there. that is the view from our oxon hill camera but it is pretty much the story across the board this morning. we'll talk with tony about how long the fog will be with us. right now, we want to say good morning to our facebook fan. the day. it is tracy norman fletcher. she says her day doesn't go right unless she has her daily dose of fox 5. >> if you would like to be foam's fan. day, find us on facebook. post a comment under this photo and we'll pick somebody to be tomorrow's facebook fan of the day. >> i hope i said her name
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right it is foggy out there this morning. >> yes, it is. visibility down to a half mile and expectations that it will drop to a quarter mile. dense fog advisory in effect for most of us until 11:00 this morning. all of the counties that you see there in gray are under this dense fog advisory. it does include washington, d.c. it includes loudoun county. off to the east, some counties in eastern maryland and in delaware also under a dense fog advisory. that one only in effect until 9:00 this morning but the rest of us until 11:00. all right. current temperatures around the region are cool to mild for the most part. here in the district, that is mild. it doesn't feel bad out there. it is just the fog and the mist that we're dealing with.
5:46 am
48-degree in annapolis. manassas is at 46 as is culpeper. we will get a break in the clouds and get a fairly good amount of sunshine for the latter part of the afternoon. there is some rainfall well out to the west. it is not going to move through here. that is a frontal boundary taking rain through detroit early this morning. those of you who are traveling for thanksgiving, here is a look at what the nation will look like on wednesday. we'll be in the warm sector although our temperatures really peak today and tomorrow. we'll still be mild on wednesday in the 50s with the jet stream to our north, cold colder air out to the north and as we transition into thursday, you will see the frontal boundary getting a little bit closer to us and by thursday evening, we'll get some showers in here for thanksgiving day itself. out to the west, you could find
5:47 am
some snowfall across portions of the plains states and in the mountains out to the west. mourning fog, partly sunny and a mild afternoon here. high about 64 degrees. it will be warmer than that tomorrow. tomorrow, rain showers possible, 68 degrees. as we said, temperature off a little bit. that is where we should be for this time of year. thursday, chance of more rain showers coming through as we showed you. that is for thanksgiving. then for your shopping on friday or whatever you will be doing friday, it will be cooler with highs only in the mid-40s. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> a lost fog to deal with this morning, tony. as a result -- a lot of fog to deal with this morning, tony. as a result, it will be difficult to see. there is a car off the road in a ditch and hem is enroute here
5:48 am
but it is difficult to see all of this activity. northbound i-95, lanes are open as you travel out the woodbridge coming up to the capital beltway. inbound suitland parkway at naylor road, that accident activity cleared. inbound new york avenue clear from northeast to northwest. no problems to report on the beltway outer loop leaving college park headed around towards 270. all of the lanes are open. southbound 95 and 295, an easy ride so far out of laurel to the beltway. we've got delays forming in hyattstown as you travel south to the truck scales. you really have to hand it to this next guy. a man from new york now holds the beginnette world record for the most high fives. his name is rich arrested inajosa. he is the educational director of the bodies exhibit in new york city. he decided to slap high fives
5:49 am
to 797 tourists and museum visit irs. he beat out a 14-year record out of portland that involved 408 high fives. >> i think that would be easy to break but maybe there is more to it than that. coming up next, sweet music for the redskins in music city. dave ross is here with our sports breakfast. stay with us.
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wizards rookie john wall sat out his first fourth straight game on the road. gilbert arenas would have a career-eye 16 assists. that is a good sign from gilbert. hamilton scoring 12 of the 15 points for detroit in overtime. they drop to 0-6 on the road. college hoops, the championship game with the charleston classic. that means georgetown, nc state. thompson hits the three with a team-high 18. freeman throws it down for the dunk one hand. the hoyas win the charleston classic and improve to 5-0 on the season. staying in charleston, final seconds george mason leading
5:53 am
wofford by two. that forces overtime. 11 more in the extra period. george mason falls in overtime 82-79. nascar now, high drama in the final race for the chase. homestead, florida, that is the story. they say finishing second never really matters. it does though. jimmy johnson who began the day 15 points behind denny hamlin for the championship takes the championship, his fifth straight nascar championship. that is something the yankees didn't even do. >> gano's kick is good and the redskins win it! >> but the main event yesterday, redemption for the redskins. overtime win in tennessee to improve to 5-5. dave ross here to play monday morning quarterback. i'm so glad the redskins won but i'm glad that tennessee did not want to win that game in
5:54 am
overtime. >> here it is if you want it, take it, and the redskins took it. redemption is the right word today for the redskins. i don't think i've ever seen a game where you lose seven starters, you came into the game mine us three hour starters. that is 10 guys out of 22. it is pretty amazing. you give up a punt return for a touchdown. you are on the road. you miss two field goals and you find a way to win the game. simply amazing. nothing but great things to say about the redskins today. oh, no, don't make it be a long one here and he just drilled it. graham is a good guy. i don't think he has felt that kind of pressure since he did dave stress us dave. that is real pressure there. it is a great team win.
5:55 am
then you sioux saw vince young walking -- then you saw vince young walking off the field. the skins had every reason to quit. the titans didn't. you thought this team would roll over and die after the monday night massacre. that is why we have donovan mcnabb in a leadership position. that is why mike shanahan showed his worth. the team did not quit monday night. i didn't think they would. not sure how talented they are but they fought, steve. other teams around the league don't do that all the time. >> they are back even at 5-5. you got minnesota coming in next week. >> not playing well. can i give out some other kudos here. how about clinton portis here and don't look at the numbers. he gutted out a game. >> you say he was cleared to go medically. mike shanahan will tell you he was fine. he wasn't. there is no way clinton portis would have even attempted to be
5:56 am
in this game a year ago. no way. but he wanted to be a part of this team. he wanted to prove that i'm going to go out there and show that really for him i don't think the skins are going to go to the playoffs. that wasn't the point. the point was i'm going to be there for high teammates. he gutted up, manned up and he played. i am so impressed for fact that he went out there and gave it everything he had. you saw him. recognizing blitz pickups so he could get out there on a swing pass. those are things that veterans do and he showed some leadership yesterday. >> he played hard and you look at that in contrast to vince young and chucks his shoulder pads into the crowd. how is that the way to respond. >> that is not the way you show leadership. cp goes down. they needed portis at least to
5:57 am
show that i'm going to give it a get and try. then williams comes in and does another great job. six catches out of the backfield. he had thee touchdown as a week ago against the eagles in the mop-up role but he played hard monday night. the team is playing hard. they are not quitting. i think those are huge points to be made on a day when i don't think we thought we would be site sitting here talking about a win at tennessee. >> anything else we can pick up from this from and an offensive standpoint? >> the one touchdown here to santana moss. that is one pro to another pro. a great throw. look at the footwork here by moss. the only touchdown of the games for the redskins. we'll do this next hour. you will hear from donovan mcnabb, steve, who i thought had some interesting things to say post-game about his long- term future. >> we'll make time.
5:58 am
>> it is a tease. >> fox 5 morning news continues.
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